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Heather Chandler. Head Bitch of Westerberg. Are we gonna have a problem?

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beyondabookscover said:
“Where'd you get that?” ((Hello!))



"Where did I get what," Heather snarled. This girl had stopped her out of nowhere to ask her this and didn’t even specify what she was asking about.

Books almost stumbled forward at the sudden loss of pressure on her shoulders but caught herself just in time. 

"Why?" she scoffed, her voice dripping with venom. "What’re you gonna do to me, bitch?" Somewhere in the back of her mind, a little voice was screaming at her to stop, but she immediately squashed it—she was in too deep now to back out. 

She had so hoped Books would have fallen. She tried not to look too disappointed as the other girl steadied herself.

"It would ruin all the fun if I told you, wouldn’t it?" Her voice was soft and sweet, hiding the anger she felt towards her. "You’ll know when it happens and you’ll regret everything you just did. Now fuck off."

soveryheather said:



"Heather?" For the life of him, Henry couldn’t think of any possible reason why Heather Chandler would be standing outside his front door in the middle of down pour. "What’s up? Here, why don’t you come in out of the rain."

"That’s good." He realized that probably made him sound really eager to have her leave, which, despite the tension, he didn’t want to make her feel that way. "I mean, the feeling better part. There’s not any rush or anything. And I mean there’s always phones if you needed to call someone. I can give you a ride when you feel ready to go."

"Yeah, alright." She sat up, remembering that she still had his clothes on. "I’ll just walk back to Kurt’s house. I’m sure they’re still there drinking. No need to go out of your way to take me back." She stood up, walking towards the door that led to the dryer. "I’ll just get out of your way."


"Oh, is that that so?" Her feet fell to the floor and she leaned suffocatingly close to Heather in a matter of seconds. "I bet every single one of those ‘lower-than-loser’ would just love to see you suffer. To see your caked on make-up running down your cheeks as you cry.” She whispered hoarsely, her eyes focused directly on hers. “You’re probably right. But then again, Jasin Dean isn’t a concieted whore who has nothing better than to run polls and open her legs for any guy who has an IQ lower than hers.” She rested back in her seat, her feet on the table once more as Chandler asked the question. An aburpt laugh boomed out of her. “Are you fucking kidding me? Hell, I’d rather answer the alien question. Think of that one with a cock in your mouth?”

 Heather nodded, keeping her composure even with Jasin right in her face. “They all want me as a friend or a fuck, so I really doubt that. Which one to you want Dean?” Her smiled didn’t falter, no matter how crazy she thought JD might actually be, she couldn’t let her see any weakness or she’d have the upper hand. Heather’s jaw dropped, mouth hanging open just slightly at the girl’s remarks, but she quickly fixed it into a scowl. “It’s not any guy and i’m not a whore. So what, I like screwing people? I bet you wish you were getting as much as I am.” Her laugh surprised her. People didn’t laugh like that at lunch time polls. They usually just answered and waited till Heather walked out of earshot to do that. “No, I didn’t. Why are you so obsessed with picturing me with dicks?”


Yeah, well, being well behaved is boring anyway. Not that you seem all that well behaved, you seem mean and rude and greedy. But Peter was happy to let it drop if she’d forget about the starstuff.

The fairy spoke up at that. “Tink’s right,” Peter agreed. “That’s not something I’d be very happy about, being more of a grown up.” Why anybody would want to be a grown up was beyond him. Grownups didn’t care and they never had any fun at all.

She watched the fairy and heard it make the bell sound, but couldn’t figure out how Peter knew what it was saying. He had to be messing with her. “She’s not really talking. You making this up. And we were doing so well with the whole believing thing.”

"Besides that, being a grown up is much better than being a bratty kid who never had parents. Grownups can do so much more." She waved the fairy away. "If you aren’t going to talk to us, then get away."

theconfusified said:
"What did you call me?!"



"Did I stutter?"  Heather cocked her head to the side, staring the other girl down. "I called you a blonde bimbette bitch. Did you need me to repeat it or do you just not understand?” 

Glinda rolled her eyes, trying to control her temper, The tips of her ears flushed with a reddish hue.

When she spoke, her jaw was slightly clenched.
"You remind me of younger me If I was more…confrontational."

Heather’s face stayed completely calm, almost void of emotion other than the little smirk on her face. 

"And you remind me of an older me that’s a lot more pathetic than i’ll ever be. How does that feel?"

gardensofadam said:
"Piss off!"



"Who the hell do you think you are?" Heather had never seen this guy before in her life. He obviously didn’t know who he was talking to or he would have used a much nicer tone with her. "Now, why don’t you turn around, walk away, then come back and try that again."

"I don’t like being touched." Adam responded dryly, taking the retreat from Heather an opportunity to leave. The only problem was that the other Heathers were blocking his way with their little formation. "May I?"

Heather pouted at him. “Oh poor you.” She watched him try to walk past the other Heathers and snapped. “Heather, Heather, move. He’ll be back. You’ll be begging to be touched in a few days.”

soveryheather said:



"Heather?" For the life of him, Henry couldn’t think of any possible reason why Heather Chandler would be standing outside his front door in the middle of down pour. "What’s up? Here, why don’t you come in out of the rain."

Henry sighed, sitting there kind of uncomfortably, unsure of what to say or do next. He wanted the tension to ease, for things to become less awkward, he just didn’t know what to do about it. Finally, he spoke. “So, how’re you feeling?”

Heather sighed, placing her arms back down on her stomach. “Better, I guess. I can probably get out of your hair soon and leave you alone. Someone’s probably wondering where I am anyway.”


JD saw the strings being tugged inside Heather Chandler and only felt her smirk grow. She was getting to her and god did it feel good. “You honestly think I give a fuck about my social status in this goddamn school? Make me ‘dead’. It won’t change a single thing about me. It won’t give you more power. You’re still Heather Chandler, no matter how many people you ridicule.” After a short pause, she shrugged her shoulders. “Go for it. I promise I’ll answer with some form of sincerity.”

Heather was more than ready to wipe that stupid fucking smirk off of JD’s face. Not many could get to Chandler in the way she seemed to be able to do in seconds. “By the way you’re dressed, I doubt it, but you really should. You’ll be eating lunch with the lower-than-losers on the bathroom floor if you keep it up.” Heather cocked her head to the side, smiling. “And being Heather Chandler is so much better than being Jasin Dean if we’re being honest. As for power, I have it all. Couldn’t ask for much more.” She pulled the clipboard out in front of her, reading from the page. “if nothing sticks to teflon what makes the teflon stick to the pan?


"Nope! No parents to teach the poor boy manners. Did you?" He could tell it was bothering her that she wasn’t getting what she wanted, and even though he’d be the exact same way it still amused him to no end. "Besides, I still don’t have any to share with you anyway."

Peter started leading her inland. “This way.” After a few minutes, close to the hideout where he stayed with the lost boys, he stopped. “Tink? Tink you here?” The little fairy appeared, a sound like the ringing of bells coming from her. “I was out exploring. Tink, this is Heather. She didn’t think any of this existed.” He lowered his voice. “I think she might be too much of a grownup though.”

"Yes and I’m obviously much more well-behaved than you, so we see how that worked out." She finally dropped the subject completely, deciding not to try any further. She just wanted to see the fairies and go. 

She followed along and stopped with him finally. She peered around, looking for any hint of the fairy when she finally heard the bells. “I told you, it would have been stupid to just believe blindly. And i’m not too much of a grownup. Although i’m more of one than you are.”

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